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For example, if your page gets 50,000 impressions a month, Google shows the meta description for 18,500 of those impressions on average. Increasing your CTR from 4% to just 4.5% in this instance would result in almost 100 more clicks.. So while you shouldn't obsess over meta descriptions, it's still worth spending a minute of your time on pages where 'yes' is the answer to at least one. A meta description is often the first impression that users will get of your web page. And now, you have everything you need to make sure your descriptions will earn as many clicks as possible. In summary, these are the four critical steps to success: How to write a good meta description. Use relevant keywords. Know your character limits. Care. How To Write The Perfect Meta Description. Convinced that meta descriptions are still important for SEO? Great! Now let's look at tips for writing and optimizing them. 1. Shoot For A Meta Description Length Under 1000px. Google will truncate meta descriptions longer than a certain length

How to Write the Perfect Meta Description

  1. Its meta description thus focuses entirely on how it differs from other search engines. And as such, anyone who sees this text listed in search results will know exactly what makes DuckDuckGo unique. Summary: How to Write a Meta Description. When writing a meta description, remember the following tips: Aim for a length of around 160.
  2. In this post, we are talking about How To Write An Effective Meta Description For SEO. A meta description is that short paragraph that appears on the Google results page, right under the page title. It gives you a chance to attract new audience members and comes across as a better option than your competitors
  3. How to Write a Meta Description. Now that we've covered the function of a meta description, it's time that we explained how to write a meta description that'll boost the traffic that your online store receives. It's important to note that there are some differences between meta descriptions for a home page, and for product pages
  4. When to write a meta description Believe it or not, this article isn't going to claim you should hurry and make sure all of your pages have meta descriptions. For one thing, Google automatically creates these descriptions by pulling from the web page's content, and that process lends more flexibility than a copywriter can manage
  5. To write a good title, description or CTA you need to really know what the website is about. Learn what the information on the website is about so you can identify the main selling point of the page and create the best meta title and description. Let's get specific! Meta Titles. Meta Titles should be fewer than 60 characters
  6. The meta description is a snippet of up to about 155 characters - a tag in HTML - which summarizes a page's content. Search engines show it in search results mostly when the searched-for phrase is within the description. So optimizing it is crucial for on-page SEO.In this post, I tell you the characteristics of a good meta description, and how Yoast SEO can help you with it
  7. Write your meta description so that it reflects the voice and tone of the brand your site represents. At the same time, make your description conversational, instead of wordy and dry, to keep users more engaged and interested in visiting your site. Your meta description should sound like an ordinary human wrote it

How to Write Meta Descriptions 4 Key Steps (With Examples

  1. What is a Meta Description? Meta descriptions are intentional excerpts. If you don't write a meta description in your SEO plugin like Rank Math or Yoast, then search and social results will show the first few sentences. The meta description is an HTML attribute that provides a brief summary of a web page
  2. If you write a meta description, Google may show it on search results pages or even use it as a featured snippet. Don't get too attached to your meta description, though. Google might pull an excerpt from your page if it thinks that provides a better description, and not use the meta that you created at all
  3. d that social sharing sites like Facebook commonly use a page's meta description tag as the description that appears when the page is shared on.

Description; charset: character_set: Specifies the character encoding for the HTML document : content: text: Specifies the value associated with the http-equiv or name attribute: http-equiv: content-security-policy content-type default-style refresh: Provides an HTTP header for the information/value of the content attribute: name: application. The meta description should be long enough to describe the page, but short enough to be easy to read. How To Write Perfect Meta Descriptions Meta descriptions may not directly affect rankings as much as other factors, but optimizing them for SEO you can often get a higher click-through rate 1. Write a meta description for every page. Any page you have on your website should have it's own meta description. Do not leave them empty and let Google show one for you. They often get cut off and have poor presentation (and therefore poor user experience), so you won't get as many clicks as you could otherwise The meta description of a web-page is a simple, yet overlooked part of search engine optimisation. The meta description is a short excerpt pulled from the text of a particular web-page and presented underneath the links of a search result's page. Google has come and outrightly said that a meta description is not factored into [

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In this article, I will tell you what is a meta description, and how to write a perfect meta description for your web page. Before we start I just wanted to let you know that writing attractive, SEO friendly, and catchy Meta description is not the only way to get higher rankings on Google, there are more than 200 factors, based on Google or other search engines decide to rank your web pages Where to Write your Meta Description . Step 1: To write a meta description, scroll down to the Search Engine Listing Preview. Step 2: Moving forward, you'll need to click on Edit website SEO. Step 3: Next, write an extremely persuasive meta description that makes the reader realize that you are the best pick among all of the. One such area is the meta description. From the start, meta descriptions have been an essential part of a search engine results page and that isn't likely to change. So to help you capitalize on this important aspect of your SEO, I want to teach you how to write one that's compelling and helps you boost your ranking

How to Write the Perfect SEO Meta Description in 202

  1. That's where meta descriptions come in. And while there is no perfect way to write a meta description, and it can vary depending on each business, these examples and best practices can inspire you to craft meta descriptions that will increase traffic and convert users. Key Takeaways: Be descriptive; Use your meta description to promote your.
  2. How to write a great meta description. Meta description checklist. Keywords: do make sure your most important keywords for the webpage show up in the meta description. Often search engines will highlight in bold where it finds the searchers query in your snippet
  3. How to Write a Meta Description Your meta description should be no longer than 160 characters, include your target keyword as close to the start as possible and include a CTA. For example - As an award-winning SEO agency , our specialist team work with global brands to achieve results by creating bespoke SEO strategies
  4. If you want to generate blog meta description on any online tool, you may visit coderseo to do the same. This tool allows you to do the following-Writes your meta description tag code as you type your description. Counts the character length. Forces you to write within the most SEO-friendly meta description length of 156 character
  5. The Meta Description is not used as a ranking factor. Rather, it is meant to draw readers to your website from Search engine results pages (prompt searchers to click). People will accept/want natural language so forget the jargon and watch your click-through rate climb
  6. How to Write Good Meta Description For SEO - A Guide Of 2018. If you are searching for meta description in such a short time means you're a very advanced learner. We have to appreciate you for that. Honestly, it took us a lot of time to figure out what actually the meta description is

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Meta description is a brief description of what your page or post is about. Meta keywords and description are actually HTML meta tags, and they go into your website's header. WordPress SEO plugins make it super easy for you to add them from your WordPress admin area for each post and page on your website What is a meta description and how to write a perfect meta description in WordPress and in HTML, what are the characteristics of a good meta description, and its importance in SEO.These are the most common question when we talk about the meta description Let's discuss how to write a meta description further, beginning first with a few basics and then transitioning into a few best practices and useful tools: Meta Description Definition. A meta description is an HTML tag meant to summarize the page content and user experience in search engines In both cases, the user experience is at risk. So, it is important that your meta description is in between 150-170 characters. Write Unique Description for Each Web Page. Here's the thing, you cannot write the same meta description for multiple web pages and expect everything's going to be fine

Meta description plays a big role in search results so make sure to write Meta description that is good. Its purpose is to describe the purpose of the website to the viewers. If you get the Meta description right you be sure to get those right clicks when your website shows up in the search results How to write Meta Description to impact SEO If you rank too low in a search engine, you could experience a lower click-through rate as compared to top-ranking pages. So adding a relevant and eye-catching meta description can improve your chances of attracting visitors to some extent

You should write a meta description for every web page on your website - including blog posts, pages, product pages All web pages should have one and it should be part of any on page seo strategy! While it does not impact SEO directly - there are so many other benefits to having great meta descriptions and there is a belief it has some type of indirect impact on organic search ranking How to write a great meta description. The key thing to bear in mind about meta descriptions is that you've only got a certain amount of space to work with. How much space is arguably up for debate; most people put the upper limit of meta descriptions on Google at 156 characters,. Yes, meta description does matter. Meta description becomes part of the SERP snippet right under your title and url. Although, meta descriptions are not taken into consideration by search engines when ranking, they play a significant role in CTR because they offer a short description of the following content and any words that match the searchers keyword will be bolded in the description Hey, Meta Description provides a brief summary of your web page. So, you should mention descriptive information about your products and services. Meta Description is used toadvertise content to searchers, and searchers' chance to decide whether.

How To Write An Effective Meta Description For SE

Meta description is an important meta tag which plays a significant role in SEO and at the same time helps to increase CTR. Checkout the ideal meta description length in 2018, its importance in SEO along with how to write a good meta description for driving more traffic to your site Basic Questions & Answers Regarding Meta Description. People have always many questions in their mind. You and I are not out of that list. Therefore, you have many questions pertaining how to write a good Meta description for SEO

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Meta Descriptions

And subsequently, write two specific meta descriptions for both tennis balls and rubber ball pages. This will attract people to go through all your ball collections. This tactic will be much better than just putting all the balls collections on one page and write a broad meta description about buying balls In summary, write a quality meta description and page content that are preaching the same message. 6. Don't plagiarize others or yourself. One thing that is worse than no meta description is a plagiarized meta description. As far as Google knows, all pages with the same meta description are the same Secrets of a great meta description. Write for the reader, not the search engine Start by writing as if you're telling your ideal reader to do something. Use keywords and related phrases from your title and topic if you can fit them in, but don't worry about forcing them if they don't fit naturally How To Write An Exceptional Meta Description for SEO. When it comes to acquiring traffic to your website, every effort counts. That's why it's so important to make sure that every page, post, and other piece of crawlable content on your site has a properly configured meta description

How to Write Meta Descriptions that Drive Clicks and

Learn how to write a Meta Description for SEO that will drive higher click-throughs, support a killer SEO strategy, and that aligns to SEO best practices In a 2017 study, Moz found that meta description tags were used 35.9% of the time, and Google generated a description the rest of the time. I have found with wedding-related websites, this is much higher, so I still highly recommend writing a custom meta description. Do I Have to Write A Meta Description For Every Page To write a good meta description and increase your organic search click-through rate: Put the most important information first. Every meta description needs to quickly communicate the subject matter — and benefit — of your page. If the web page is for a specific product, brand or topic, put those terms and keywords at the beginning

How to write meta titles and meta descriptions

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Write meta descriptions in active voice to help engage readers and hold their attention. Include a call to action. Treat your meta description as a piece of your customer's journey and use language that guides users to take the next step. Include a call to action that encourages them to act. Don't try to trick the audience The meta description is an HTML attribute used to describe what a page is about. It can appear in search results as a snippet under the title tag to provide more context. Even though the meta description attribute is not a ranking factor and Google shows it in search results only 62.78% of the time, it's still a part of on-page SEO that content publishers often encounter The meta description is essentially your sales pitch, comparable with advertisement descriptions in Google AdWords. When the meta description is missing, too long or too short, search engines may produce a description of their own. Often this is sub-optimal, as you want it to look as well as possible to entice people to visit your website Readable description - As we all know, the meta description has a particular word limit within which it should be completed. So to chase that word limit, most of the people out there are unable to focus on the readability of their meta description. Make sure to write a natural kind of meta description, which simply describes the content. *Word.

While meta description in the second search in long and exactly matches with my search query i.e What is Artificial Intelligence but Google still assigns it the second spot in SERP. This is how you can analyze and modify the meta description and write one that stands out. Keys Points to Write Killer Meta Description Write specific meta description: Like we discussed in previous points, you cannot cheat your audience by giving irrelevant meta description. If you want to get a good response from your audience it is better to give a relevant meta description that actually describes the content of your website


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Write a Concise meta description: Google automatically trims meta description content that exceeds 512 pixels that is on average 160 characters limit and also vary according to the font type. The best practice is to write a description with characters ranging from 150-160 So always write a meta description! 2. Maximum Meta Description Length of Around 155-160 Characters. Each search engine is a bit different, but most will cut off your meta description after ~155-160 characters. The general consensus among SEO experts is that the best length for a meta description is max. 160 characters. 3

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Definition. A meta description is an element in the HTML code of a web page that provides a brief description of the content of that page. Although the visitors of a website cannot see it directly, search engines such as Google use it to display a web page in search results A Meta description is an HTML element that appears on the search engine results page below the page title. Meta descriptions are used to summarize a page's content and encourage qualified users to click. With that in mind, here's an example from a popular ecommerce website How to Write a Meta Title and Description. Now that you know how to identify a meta title and description, let's look at examples of great ones and discuss what makes them work so well. Be mindful of character length. Search engines only give you so much space to describe your web page on SERPs, so you want to stick within that character length

How to Write Meta Descriptions [+6 Tips & 3 Examples

  1. Tips to Write Meta Description Best suited for SEO . Meta description in search engines. Meta tags play a key role in SEO. It is one of the factors used to index your page in search engines. It can also improve the ranking of your page in search engine results if you type and format it as desired
  2. d: #1: Character limit. When writing a meta description, we advise you keep it between 150-160 characters
  3. When (& When Not) to Write Meta Descriptions. Not all your webpages need to have meta descriptions. Here are four reasons you must write meta descriptions - and five times when you may not want to
  4. Meta description is very impotent part for on page SEO. Because a meta keyword is very impotent to rank you site in google to list or top rank. So write a useful meta keyword become key to success. 02.23.201
  5. The character limit for a meta description is now extended up to 300, but it's always on a safer side, to write meta-description for about 150 characters. When one searches for a particular keyword or query, Google shows off the most relevant results across the web, most suitable to the keyword

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  1. Write a Unique Meta Description. Try to think a unique one or summarize your content avoid copy or duplicate from other websites. The unique meta-description is an effective marketing message reach to visitors and recognize it's quality by the search engine
  2. If you are using the yoast seo plugin then it will be right beneath your post. a) Scroll down to the bottom of your wordpress editor and click on 'edit snippet' : b) Then you'll see the meta description box, enter the text of your choice ( relevan..
  3. How to write a meta description? Since you are typically only afforded about two sentences for your SEO meta description, it is important to use the space wisely. Google has increased and then decreased characters for meta descriptions so, you could be seeing some longer snippets around
  4. How To Write A Meta Description That Gets Click-Throughs I feel sorry for meta descriptions. Google has long held that meta descriptions do not impact search engine rankings
  5. You could also copy good meta description examples as a starting point. Look: If you're groaning about doing descriptions for each page - consider outsourcing to a virtual assistant and having them write unique descriptions for each. Easy! Improve Meta Description SEO with Rich Snippet
  6. The Meta Description. The description is a short one or two sentence description of the page. It provides a little more information for search engines about the content on the page. The meta description also shows up in the search results underneath the title tag. The HTML code for the meta description looks like this
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How To Write The Best Meta Page Description Originally Published December 2013 | Updated October 2019 In a digital world governed by a long list of clever Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rules, you have to write the best meta description and website content in order to boost the online visibility and profitability of your business Meta Descriptions are website global and as stated they do not help your SEO rankings. Here is a Meta Description example with the hyperlinks removed. You will count exactly 159 characters in the Meta Description size. This is well written with just one character shy of the Meta Description Length of 160 characters. How to write Meta Description How To Write A Meta Description For SEO & More Visitors. Updated May 5, 2019 By Nate Shivar Disclosure - I receive a commission when you purchase from companies mentioned on this site

Write The Perfect Meta Description (2020 Best Practices!

Using PPC Data to Help Write Meta Descriptions To edit and rewrite your Meta Description, Bjørn Enki has created an excellent tool that allows you to preview how your snippet would look in the search results and therefore how eye-catching your proposed snippet is Meta description should be short but sweet. You don't want to bother potential readers with unnecessary information in the meta description. You just want them to get interested enough in order to click and open your page. To do this, you have to simplify your meta description: write short sentences; use a simple sentence structure; focus on.

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How to Write a Meta Description for SEO (+ Examples

What are meta descriptions? Usually, I tend to ask experts online a definition to get started, and with a simple query on Google, we can get this definition from our friends at WooRank:. Meta descriptions are HTML tags that appear in the head section of a web page. The content within the tag provides a description of what the page and its content are about Duplicate Meta descriptions are often penalized by search engine providers and hence it's important to write a different description so that users can reach out to your website easily. You can make use of a tool like Screaming Frog SEO Spider to help check if your Meta description SEO is unique and compelling

How To Write A Meta Description - TPR Medi

How long it takes for my meta description to show up on Google? It will take a few days for your custom meta description to show up on Google. Sometimes it will show up instantly. More on it later this post. Next Steps. Now that you know how to write a good blog description and implement it in your blog, go ahead and start writing one How to Write Great Meta Descriptions. Are your meta descriptions as good as they could be? While most SEOs agree that meta descriptions aren't as important for SEO as they once were, and Google outright admitted as much in a 2009 blog post, smart marketers understand that a great meta description can be a hugely valuable asset for your website.. A good meta description can make your content.

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How to write a great meta description Brought to you by. Save SEO marketing strategy: meta description optimisation should be high on your priorities. Alan Laidlaw; 30 July 2018 • 1:26pm Thankfully, writing meta descriptions isn't complicated. We'll help you learn how to write unique meta descriptions for product listings that will encourage potential customers to click on your items. But, before we get to writing, let's talk about what meta descriptions are and why they are important. What is a Meta Description To write a meta description for e-commerce website you should focus on the prevailing deals and offers. Accordingly, to make your e-commerce meta description SEO friendly, you can use an actionable call to action words like 'hurry up, this deal only for today, limited stocks and free delivery.

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